General Dental Services in SE Calgary

At Progressive Dental in South East (SE) Calgary, we offer general dental services to the patients of Calgary such as dental checkups, crowns, bridges and fillings. We even offer wisdom teeth extractions and snoring appliances for patients that require these services.

General Dentistry Services in SE Calgary

Dental Hygiene

At Progressive Dental in SE Calgary, our team of dentists and hygienists provide dental checkups, including teeth cleaning. Learn More »


Progressive Dental provides Periowave, which is a light technology that kills bacteria related to gum disease. Learn More »

Dental Crowns

At Progressive Dental in SE Calgary, our team offers dental crowns for those who may be suffering from tooth pain. Learn More »

Dental Bridges

Have a missing tooth to replace? At Progressive Dental in SE Calgary, we offer dental bridges and dental implants. Learn More »

Oral Cancer Screening

At Progressive Dental Care in SE Calgary, we provide oral cancer screening technology for our patients in the Calgary area. Learn More »


We may recommend a tooth extraction if you have a tooth infection which is affecting the condition of your oral health. Learn More »

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

We offer wisdom teeth removal for SE Calgary. If you're experiencing pain, you may require a wisdom tooth removal. Learn More »

Dental Snoring Appliances

At Progressive Dental in SE Calgary, we can help improve your sleeping and breathing patterns with a dental snoring appliance. Learn More »

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