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Restorative Dentistry Calgary Damaging your teeth because of years of improper oral care or because of an accident can really shrink your self-confidence. Worse yet, if left unattended, the damage can lead to other oral problems that could make your life harder. Progressive Dental offers restorative dentistry in Calgary to help you regain a healthy mouth.

Restorative dentistry is popular in Calgary because it can repair the tooth or replace missing teeth caused by deterioration or decay, fracture, or a previous restoration work that failed. Dental restoration can help you regain your confidence when smiling and speaking, and it is a great way to restore the function of your teeth. Here are some of the dental restorations that dentists offer in Calgary:
Crowns – These are tooth-shaped caps that are placed over the teeth to restore their size, shape, appearance, and strength. They can be used to cover a dental implant and keep a bridge in place.
Fillings – Dental fillings are highly common in restorative dentistry. The teeth are filled with tooth-coloured composite resin, silver amalgam, or gold. Most dentists prefer using resin fillings for long-term safety.
Dentures – These are removable replacements for the surrounding tissues and missing teeth. Dentures are typically made of acrylic resin, but they can come with metal attachments. Dentists may offer them as partial or complete dentures, depending on your needs.
Implants – Dental implants replace the tooth roots and they are usually made of metal, which is placed into the bone of your jaw where there is missing teeth before it is covered with a crown.
Learn more about restorative dentistry in Calgary here at Progressive Dental. We have two clinics in South East Calgary, so you can easily visit us no matter where you are in the area. Progressive Dental has a friendly and qualified team of general dentistry professionals, as well as cosmetic dentists, Invisalign specialists, implant dentistry experts, and sedation dentistry specialists. Make an appointment here or call 403-256-6666 (Sunpark) or 403-264-6909 (Southtrail).
Restorative Dentistry Calgary
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