At Progressive Dental we are very proud of our Dental Hygiene team!


The dental hygiene team at Progressive Dental consists of highly qualified individuals who pride themselves on giving you and your family the best care possible!

As with all Progressive Dental Team members, they continually receive  training in the latest technologies available to provide you and your family with knowledgeable care. This training helps you by allowing our team members to help you focus on prevention rather than treatment. The knowledge that they impart is information that can help you and your family have healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime.

Our team also uses lasers in their hygiene therapy. By using lasers this allows us to provide you with an exceptional level of comfort and care and helps you reach your goal of “optimal” dental health sooner than with standard methods.

Our Dental Hygiene team look forward to meeting you
and discussing all the available treatment options to help you reach your health goals!

At Progressive Dental we are always welcoming new patients!
Call Us at (403) 256-6666 to book your Hygiene Therapy or Teeth Cleaning appointment today!