Progressive Dental Botox | South Calgary DentistProgressive Dental is pleased to now offer Dental Botox treatments.

So if you are feeling like you have been mapping the wrinkles on your face – those frown lines and crow’s feet you may be seeing in the mirror – you are probably thinking, I wish I looked younger. Now you have that opportunity!

Botox is one of the most popular wrinkle treatments available. Every week thousands of women and men get what Time Magazine hailed in 2012 as the “biggest thing since nose jobs”. Today it is not just for Hollywood actors or middle-aged women. Even both male and female twenty-somethings are signing up for preventative Botox treatments to fight the effects of aging.

Now that dental clinics can offer this valuable service you can be assured that it is being offered in a safe and comfortable environment. Appointments typically take only half an hour, and the results can keep you looking youthful and vibrant for up to six months.

TMD & Migraines

So, what are the benefits of Botox and other Neuromodulators in Dentistry? Can Neuromodulators help in managing pain as a result of TMD and migraines? What is TMD anyway?

Let’s start with Temporomandibular Joint Disorder or TMD. If you often have pain, clicking or popping sounds when opening and closing your mouth you might have TMD. It is often accompanied by frequent headaches, migraines, neck aches and in some cases, tooth sensitivity. While some treatments include aspirin or wearing a small plastic guard while sleeping, Botox is gaining popularity as a treatment option when appropriate.

Believe it or not, there is a place for Botox in dentistry and for relieving pain as a result of TMD or migraines and headaches. To begin with, Botox is a muscle relaxer and can greatly reduce the intensity of the muscle contractions that contribute to TMD and facial pain for our patients.

You see, when your jaw muscles are strained, they contract. This contraction leads to muscle spasm, pain, and soreness as well as a buildup of lactic acid and other waste metabolites. A few Botox injections can help prevent the muscles from tensing excessively around your jaw line.

How Safe is Dental Botox?

Dental Botox Cosmetic has been on the consumer market with full FDA and Health Canada approval for over ten years and has been extensively researched in over 2,400 medical studies. Botox Cosmetic is Completely Safe if administrated correctly by a trained professional. Our dentists have full authority to provide Genuine Botox Cosmetic procedures in Calgary and routinely stays up to date with the latest information through both seminars and hands–on CE Courses.
Temporary side effects and rare complications can arise if your body is not in a healthy state when undergoing treatment. Progressive Dental strongly believes that your health must come before anything else; So patients looking to start with Botox Cosmetic should be in good overall health before starting treatment. Progressive Dental will diligently assess your health history, and ensure that Botox Cosmetic is safe for your personal use before starting any injection procedures.

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